Asterix & Friends has started its open beta

Deustche Telekom AG has started the open beta for its new free-to-play browser game Asterix & Friends, which puts the players in the shoes of a Gallic hero who has to help his devastated homeland to flourish again. During their adventures, players will find popular character from the saga, like Asterix and Obelix between others.

In order to successfully reconstruct the village, you will not only be in need of resources like wood, straw, and stones to build new houses and workshops but as well of tools, weapons or stylish shoes for the untalented musician Theatralix. In addition to popular leisure time activities such as fishing, beating up Romans and hunting boar, the vivid and detailed game world also offers a multitude of various exciting missions.

Asterix & Friends CB RW7

Asterix & Friends CB RW1 Asterix & Friends CB RW2 Asterix & Friends CB RW3 Asterix & Friends CB RW4 Asterix & Friends CB RW5 Asterix & Friends CB RW6 Asterix & Friends CB RW8 Asterix & Friends CB RW9

Source of information: Deustche Telekom AG press release

Asterix & Friends - logo640


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