Ashes of Betrayal is now live for Aika Online



Gala-Net, Inc. has released today the first major content expansion for Aika Online, titled Ashes of Betrayal. The highly anticipated patch contains new features which enhance all aspects of the player experience, including a level cap increase to 60, expanded Nation vs. Nation wars, a dramatic new quest storyline, new areas, second tier class evolutions, and a nation population balance system which provides free in-game items.

Ashes of Betrayal throws players in the middle of an impending civil war among the Kynari – mysterious half-man, half-bird beings who have inhabited the beautiful rainforests of Lakia since ancient times.  The corrupt usurper Darkrane killed the rightful leader of the Kynari and is manipulating both Humans and Kynari with his lies.  Players must unravel the secret of Darkrane’s treachery while battling all-new monsters and exploring the never-before-seen maps Darkrane Forest and Ashwood.  The adventure culminates in an amazing new open-air dungeon which will be released later this year.

Veterans and newcomers alike will enjoy the development of new military and political challenges posed by the expansion of Relic War, our most popular massive PvP mode.  Nations will clash in even bigger battles with the addition of a fourth Temple in Ashwood to stash their hard-won relics.  To ensure a competitive balance between warring forces, the “underdog nation” system will provide free packages of useful in-game items to new and low level players for joining the least populated nation.  High level players will encounter the greatest test of their skills yet as their characters evolve into more powerful forms with new attacks and equipment after level 50.  Finally, the expansion will also introduce premium mounts into the Aika Item Shop, allowing players to purchase new styles of our much-beloved upgradable mounts, including the Warrior’s war hamster and the Dual Gunner’s hoverbike.

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