Artwork contest in Lunia is offering the extremely creative player community for its colorful and endearing MMORPG, Lunia, the chance to submit an original piece of artwork for inclusion in the game.

Through August 8, 2010, the Lunia community can submit an original piece of Lunia artwork to for the chance to be featured as a loading screen in the game. The first place winner will have their artwork featured in Lunia, receive a Lunia poster and notebook and get great in-game prizes, including 20 G Coin,’s in-game currency. They’ll also receive some great prized for use in the game, including an additional character slot and any Lunia character of their choice. One second place winner will receive a Lunia poster and notepad, 20 G Coin and five Blue Crystal Apples for use in the game. Three runners-up will receive the Lunia poster and notebook along with 20 G Coin.

Check here all you need to know about Lunia. And visit its official website.

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