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Artix Entertainment LLC, creator of the popular web based games including AdventureQuest Worlds MMO has acquired the Player-vs-Player- focused EpicDuel MMO. Artix will be releasing a new and improved version of EpicDuel as a surprise to their combined player base of nearly 100 million registered users after sundown on Thursday, December 3rd, 2009.

“We’ve played AE games since the original AdventureQuest”, says Jonathan Duran, Lead Creator of EpicDuel. “We were inspired by them to develop our own game.  So we started a company and created EpicDuel. The game was becoming very popular, but as a small team we needed help to take it to the next level.  So I contacted Artix.”

“We lost two days of productivity from addictively playing EpicDuel,” laughed Adam Bohn, CEO/Founder of Artix Entertainment. “We were amazed how their team, game, and community felt just like ours. We knew this was meant to happen.  They are now proudly part of Artix Entertainment. With the EpicDuel team firmly in charge of their game, we gave them access to our artists, programmers, and player support in addition to ordering as many servers as they wanted. Thirteen coffee pots, five weeks, four game re-writes, three artists, two programmers, and at least one evil vampire lawyer corpse later we are preparing for the big launch. Everything will probably crash like a giant train wreck tonight – did I mention they were just like us?  This is going to be epic.”

Along with the new game release, Artix Entertainment will also begin the alpha test of a new Master Account System which will ultimately unify the logins for all of their games.

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EpicDuel is a player-vs-player MMO that plays in your web browser. Explore, chat, battle, earn credits, and gear up with weapons, armor and battle items. Create a free account and play instantly in your browser. No installation. Free to play!

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