Army Rage is going to begin its Open Beta soon

Yacuba Games has officially announced that the Open Beta of its MMOFPS game based on World War II, Army Rage will soon be online. The new update is the first major result of players’ ideas and the team’s efforts, many suggestions that were given and many fixes of issues that were reported during the closed beta test are now ready to become a fact.

Army Rage open beta launch will offer many exclusive features, including: various rankings, new maps, new weapons, new vehicles, iron sight for both bolt-action and semi-automatic rifles, upgraded deaths animation and more realistic character visual effects, new skills, RAGE abilities, as well as an entirely new game economy developed especially for Army Rage players and never experienced so far in free-to-play MMO games providing the first of its kind game balance system.

Furthermore, this is not all that the new version of Army Rage will offer to its players, the start of OBT will mark the beginning of major efforts for improving the graphics of the game itself and all the user interface features.

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