Armored Warfare Gameplay Commentary

Armored Warfare - First Look headlogo - EN

Today we bring you our commented video of Armored Warfare, the new action packed tank shooter from Obsidian Entertaintment in which we can participate in exciting team based PvP battles in which we will face other players in strategic battles to complete various objectives. Thanks to its CryEngine graphics engine, the game boasts stunning graphics, and has impressive variety of different tanks and many options to customize them.

In the video below we show which the game's current status (actually is in its  Early Access Beta); you can also see some battles and discover some options to customize our armoured vehicles. After watching the video, we invite you to give us your opinions about the game.

In order to find out more about this game, feel free to consult our profile by activating the INFO button below. You can also see our analysis of the game's closed beta HERE.

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