Argo Online is going to be relaunched

Game-Masters has just announced that they are going to relaunch the steampunk/fantasy MMORPG Argo Online. The hybrid MMORPG, will be published across all of Europe, including the UK, Germany, Spain and France with English and German language clients available. and Mgame aim to publish Argo Online during the second half of 2013, bringing this hybrid MMORPG, where steampunk meets fantasy, to players across Europe.

ReArgo RW1 ReArgo RW2’s CEO Thorsten Schauer said “Argo Online shows great potential for the European market. Several innovative PvP modes, multiple classes, an interesting skill system and especially the steampunk-like setting combine to create a game that can do exceptionally well in the competitive European market”

Mgame’s CEO Kweon Yi Hyung said, “With this partnership with, we have successfully signed Argo’s export contract after the export of Yulgang Online. With such know-how and service potentials from both companies, Argo Online will successfully step into European market.”

Source of information: Game-Masters press release

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  1. Marco

    IT WAS ABOUT TIME! When My friends and I discovered this game, it was already cancelled in Europe because no one played at it, and US servers had loads of lag. Guess no one didn’t even know that this game exist. Anyway, i just hope the game will not be just pvp, personally i love more pve, pvp makes me bored; been killed by a frustrating kid with 50levels more than my character is annoying. Lets hope to play really soon. Thans for the info!

  2. Martial_Prime

    /\ totally agree

  3. gabri

    yes i agree with Marco also
    i still quit because still no one online yes NO ONE ,every 5 hours u see someone running

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