ARGO Online has presented a new expansion

The free-to-play fantasy and steampunk MMORPG ARGO Online is about to provide additional high level content. A new arena system that will allow cross-faction as well as internal PvP battles is part of the planned expansion.

Besides a new continent, a higher character level cap and additional high level content, the upcoming content patch will also offer challenging PvP duels in the ARGO arena mode "Spirit of Warriors." For the first time, players at level 30 and higher can get together on three different maps in teams that are independent of factions, and fight it out in three-on-three or five-on-five battles. The matches consist of three rounds each, and the players who vanquish all opponents and win two rounds will prevail.

As a reward, victorious arena fighters will receive valuable titles that involve useful effects such as increased life points, strength, and other attributes. They also earn a number of veteran points that will help them rise in the ARGO ranking. Moreover, for each arena fight there is a chance of winning precious medals that successful fighters get to trade for rare set items.

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