Arena Masters Now Available


Enter the area and rule the competition today as NEXON Korea Corporation launches the highly addictive, real-time mobile strategy game Arena Masters. Arena Masters is now available to download worldwide in App Store and Google Play.

Prepare for gladiator-style competition in Arena Masters¸ which combines addictive action, high intensity player-vs-player (PvP) battles and real-time strategy for an all-out battle of wits and strength. Players will be immersed in fast-pace and chaotic battles while competing to determine master of the arena. Arena masters will also be needed to conquer a number of hidden traps and tricks throughout the arena to dominate and become the last man standing.

Arena Master also features:

Strategic real-time PvP action: Players master a multitude of unique heroes and stages to dominate the ever-changing matches through the use of hero tags, calculated skill targeting and by mastering each characters’ unique skill combination

Six unique PvP battle modes to conquer: Play and survive in addictive game modes such as ‘Duel Arena’, which gives competitors a free-for-all battle royale where the last one standing wins; ‘Team Death Match’ is an epic team skirmish for four or six players; ‘Zombie Virus’, players must fight time and other to survive a deadly virus; and ‘King of the Hill’, players must join forces to accomplish the main goal

Play and express oneself using all-new hero emojis: Invite, play and chat with friends and competitors from around the world with new community features and the all-new hero emojis;

Unique customisable heroes: Personalise more than 13 unique heroes with unique special abilities and a collection of costumes;

Complete control: Arena Masters eliminates the auto-play system to give players ultimate control to use each character’s skills and personal strategies to overcome the competition.

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