Archlord II: Upcoming Launch in Europe & America

Archlord 2 - news

WEBZEN has just communicated plans to launch their medieval fantasy-based MMORPG Archlord II in Europe as well as North and South America in the course of 2014. The free-to-play title will then be available in English, French and German language versions.

Set in a fantasy world shattered by the endless conflict between two opposing factions, Archlord II allows player to engage in intense PvP battles with up to 400 players on unique battlegrounds to claim the ultimate price and become the world’s supreme ruler, the Archlord. A classless character system enables them to create unique and personalised gameplay styles.

Archlord 2 screenshot 1 Archlord 2 screenshot 2

In addition to vibrant in-game graphics, the game sports a mesmerizing soundtrack performed by multi-award winning composer for video games Cris Velasco and is currently undergoing design revision to adapt it to the players’ feedback. The European and American release versions will already contain this update.

Archlord 2 screenshot 3

Source of information: Webzen press release.


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