ArcheAge Launching Erenor Eternal Expansion Today

ArcheAge, Trion Worlds’ and XLGAMES’ free-to-play fantasy MMO, continues to push the limits of what open world MMOs can accomplish with the launch of the game’s latest free expansion, Erenor Eternal, later today. Featuring something for new and veteran players alike, Erenor Eternal offers a mix of new content and updates to existing core systems that bring significant improvements to the overall ArcheAge experience.

ArcheAge: Erenor Eternal features:

New Zones: Several new zones have been added, including the oceanic Whaleswell Strait, the secluded Aegis Island, and the massive Whalesong Harbor. There will new quests, leveling areas, and even a new housing province.

New Open World Battlegrounds: The new Aegis Island is home to the three-phase Tower of Ipnya, while the four-phase Containment Tower in Whalesong Harbor lets players utilize mines and cannon objects. Upon completion of either tower, players will be rewarded with Honor and materials used to craft the new Erenor equipment.

New Tier and Improvements for Crafted Gear: The new Erenor tier of crafted gear allows players to continue advancing existing Divine grade Ayanad weapons, armor, and accessories. In addition, the equipment crafting flow has been simplified and RNG completely removed. Not only will all tiers of crafted items be upgradable as long they meet the grade requirements, but rather than “unsealing” crafted items to discover random results, players will instead “uncloak” them and select the variant they want.

Regrade Changes - The regrade system has been reworked with most items now available to regrade to Eternal, the new regrade rarity which further extends available gear advancement. New levels and socketed slots have been added for higher grade items, and a new regrade UI displays the chance of success. Regrades are also split into three levels of difficulty, allowing an easier path to high item grades if easier gear to regrade is chosen:
Easy: Dungeon and event gear
Normal: Basic equipment and standard crafted items
Hard: Obsidian and Raid level gear

New Max Level Character Advancement - Level 55 players will be able to continue advancing their characters with up to 7 levels of the new Ancestral skillset, modifying certain basic skills with special elemental effects to change their power or functionality.

Trade Route Restructuring - The Trade Pack system has been revised to streamline ocean and overland routes, while trade outposts have been placed at iconic trade ports, inland cities, and abroad. As always, players must travel at their own risk with these goods as pirates lurk.


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