Arcane Saga has received its first content update has published the first content update for its new free-to-play MMORPG Arcane Saga. The developers said that this update has been developed by following the feedback received from the users.

The update comes just two weeks after the game's launch and adds new content and features for players of all levels. Netmarble plans to update Arcane Saga frequently in order to keep the game fresh and engaging, all while maintaining an MMORPG experience free from the need to grind.

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The first update for Arcane Saga includes:

- Player-Requested Changes - Netmarble is taking a nod from the Arcane Saga community by implementing changes based on player requests, such as the addition of a tutorial on how to equip and extract spheres, which are functional enhancements, from items. Also, various character skills are now boosted, thanks to player feedback.

- New Max Level Dungeon and Leveling Quests - In the fast-leveling Arcane Saga, many players quickly reached the level cap of 70, or are on their way to the top. These players now have a new dungeon to explore, "Crystal Mine," which is also the game's most rewarding dungeon. For those ascending to the top, Netmarble also is adding new quests to help speed the leveling process.

- New Recipe Items for Crafting - Crafting is a significant part of a player's journey through Prius, the world setting of Arcane Saga. Recipe parts are essential to successful crafting, and Netmarble is introducing five new recipes for weapons and armor.

- Events, Events and more Events - Netmarble is celebrating the first game update with numerous in-game events that run through Thursday, July 11.

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Source of information: Netmarble press release

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