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NEXON Europe announced that the closed beta of their latest free-to-play, browser-based MMORPG, Arcane Chronicles is going to begin on January 16. All those who want to have an opportunity to participate in the game's closed beta, can register an account on the official website, as registration will no longer be available after the Closed Beta testing has started.

The game offers an extraordinary level of depth thanks to its 300 different enemy types, three skill trees for each of the three playable characters and the ability to switch between them mid-game at any time – all within a vast world with 30 beautifully painted field maps and 10 dangerous dungeons.

Arcane Chronicles takes place in a richly detailed world of medieval fantasy to explore and interact with.

Its main features are the following:

  • Multi-user PvE and PvP content including Boss Hunting, Caravan Escort and Guild Castle Siege

  • Meditation and Auto-Hunt to develop your character, even when you are not playing.

  • Hire NPCs or your friends as mercenaries to help you in your battle

The closed beta participants will receive six hours of automatic hunting played daily and 500 Arcanites (the currency of the game) for free, that can be used to hire mercenaries, invoke heads, create or enchanted objects. In addition are given exclusive titles, mascots and coins for the open beta.

Moreover, there will be special benefits for testers who participate in the Closed Beta. Nexon Europe will offer 6 Hours of Auto-Hunt per day and 500 Arcanites (in-game currency) for free, which can be used for hiring friend mercenaries, summoning boss monsters, and crafting and enchanting items. Also, don’t miss the exclusive rewards like titles, pets, and in-game currency for the Open Beta.

We’re enormously proud of Arcane Chronicles”, says Kevin Kim, Product Manager of Arcane Chronicles at Nexon Europe. “Now we’re looking forward to the great feedback that only our community of players can provide, to make it the ultimate browser-based dark fantasy game.

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If you want a key for the beta closed Arcane Chronicles click here.

Source of information: NEXON Europe press release.

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