Appirits has announced a new event of Einherjar – The Viking’s Blood

Appirits has announced a new event based on expedition to encourage players to adventure more in its browser-based game Einherjar – The Viking’s Blood. Expedition is an indispensable part of Einherjar, it is not only useful for training armies but also for finding rare items and materials which cannot be collected in normal harvest activities.

From 27 June to 11 July 2012 (SGT or GMT+8), there will be a contest of collecting items with rewards as below.
- 2 Halberd, 2 Battle Garb, 2 Lucky Rabbit Tail -> Rewards: 50k gold + 1 Morion Ring
- 2 Trident, 2 Master Garb, 2 Diamond Ring -> Rewards: 80k gold + 1 Master Ring
- 2 Partisan, 2 Duel Garb, 2 Aquamarine Ring -> Rewards: 80k gold + 1 Orichal Ring
- 1 Orichal Sword, 1 Orichal Axe, 1 Orichal Spear -> Rewards: 100k gold + 1 Runic Ring

To be accepted for this event, players are required to collect those above items during the said period. Besides, the drop rate of items will be increased for all maps during this time to make it easier for participants.

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