Another Look at WildStar: Esper Gameplay Commentary

WildStar - Exclusive - EN

Having another glimpse into WildStar, we went through several more levels, unlocked a new zone and are now more than ready to provide you with a gameplay video that puts into a nutshell what we experienced in the game and reveals a few awesome features you will be able to enjoy yourself when finally getting access to the MMO which still in closed beta testing as of now. However, from what we got to see so far, this game absolutely seems worth to be waiting for it.

Watching our "Explorer" path character, you will contemplate one of the explorer missions leading us into quite fascinating and really gorgeous environments. We took on a few dynamic and NPC quests to discover more about combat and the game in general. You will even witness us dealing with another player in a duel! You better have a look immediately!

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