Ankama has announced today a new content update for WAKFU

Ankama has announced today a new content update for WAKFU. This new content will be released on the 2nd May and features for example a new character class, a revamped guild system and raises the level cap.

Here is some first information about what the new update brings:
- Rogue: The long awaited new character class is specialized in bombs, placing them on the field to blow them up when you least expect it.
- Revamped guild system: The update introduces a new guild progressing system and a guild ladder, ranking the 100 biggest guilds based on their levels, as well as grades customization.
- Raise in level cap to 105: Players already at level 100 will now be able to gain 5 more levels!
- Smithmagic: With smithmagic you will be able to upgrade your equipment with runes and receive special bonuses. The new customization option is not a profession but instead usable by all players on specific workshops.

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