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PLATFORM: Internet browser


Angel’s Wrath is a free to play massively multiplayer online role-playing game that can be played directly through your internet browser. The title provides all the major features players expect from MMOs including combat, pets, mounts and, of course, questing. Select one of four distinct classes – Berserker, Monk, Archer or Dancer - to embark on an epic fantasy adventure.


  • 4 unique playable classes: Berserker, Monk, Archer or Dancer

  • Easy casual gameplay due to automated systems

  • Obtainable pets and mounts to train them up

  • Completely free-to-play

  • No download required, playable via browser


Berserker – Due to their strong defences and even stronger weapons, Berserkers excel in physical attacks at melee range. Even the best soldiers and fighters give way to the battle-hardened Berserker’s fury.

Archer – Archers are balanced for both ranged and physical attacks, have a high dodge and speed in battle. Able to command the winds and utilise the forces of nature, they bring swift death from afar with their ranged bow and arrows.

Monk – Having the power to command over life and death, they tend to the wounded and dying.Monks can also transform water into stunning ice attacks that freeze enemies in place.

Dancer – Trying to please their audience, Dancers are welcomed distractions who use fans to both entertain and fight with ranged magical attacks. They are proficient in controlling their opponents as well as in high power attacks.


Players are able to acquire pets with unique attributes and skill combinations that provide either magical or physical attacks. Using Pet Souls, pets can be bound to their character. Magical remains from powerful creatures from long ago, Pets Souls are condensed energy items that can be harnessed and attuned to the spirit world to make pet companions stronger, acting like gear for a character.

Mounts allow players to travel around quickly in style and also add to the player’s Battle Prowess. They may be earned through quests or bought from the shop. Mounts need to be fed to increase their experience and level, which will improve their basic stats. There’s also a special “Phasing” skill available for purchase enabling players to randomly customise their mount’s stats to better match their own. However, the higher a mount’s stats, the more difficult it will be to phase them.


To provide characters with the greatest edge possible, players can enhance their skills, gear and subsequently their Battle Level, which is one the game’s main aspects. Players with a higher battle level than their opponent will have a significant advantage and are even unlikely to be injured at all by AI mobs or other players when difference in battle level is big enough.

Tempering and upgrading their equipment will immediately improve players’ Prowess. The tempering level of an item can be increased with only a small cost, e.g. transferring a full level of tempering to superior gear will cost 25 ingots. Besides tempering, socketing gear with gems and enchanting it will boost stats and thus raise Battle Level and Prowess. Upgrading pets and mounts has the same benefift.

Depending on the player’s Battle Level, they will achieve new titles in different colours to instantly know how powerful they will likely be in combat.


Internet browser

Website: Angel’s Wrath

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