An interview about Ace Online with Subagames

We have had the opportunity to interview Subagames about Ace Online, the action based Massive Multiplayer 3D Space Shooter where players can pilot their own fighter ships (also known as Gears), on a futuristic world.

MMOREVIEWS: Let's start from the beginning. What is ACE Online?
A: ACE Online is a Flight-Action MMORPG. It’s different than your online MMORPG as you are in control of a futuristic combat craft instead of going around as a character like most MMO’s.

MMOREVIEWS: Many people are unaware about ACE Online, how would you introduce the game to those who are unfamiliar with the genre? 
A: The game is not your typical point and click RPG. In fact your actual reflexes and skill can make or break an engagement. In most games, you just point and click to get where you want, or just use the WASD buttons. Here you’re pretty much flying in full 3d space so you can’t just rely on your equipment.

MMOREVIEWS: I was wondering, since you are in control of an aircraft, are there any classes or something equivalent? 
A: There are 4 GEARs types which the player picks when they create a character. This is essentially the 4 “classes” in the game. Each GEAR has advantages and disadvantages as well as specialties. Once you pick a GEAR, your character will forever fly that GEAR so pick carefully.

MMOREVIEWS: How is the PvP in this game? How important is it in ACE Online?
A: The PvP is pretty much one of its dominant aspects. Large scale aerial battles against massive motherships or a large battle to take control of an outpost are just examples of how the PvP is its dominant aspect. You are just one plane in a massive air force. How many games out there have you flying through a maelstrom of bullets and missiles trying to reach a target just to drop a few bombs?

MMOREVIEWS: Why do you think that ACE Online is different from the rest of the science fiction MMOs in the market?
A: There really is nothing that is like ACE Online. Many MMO’s out there try to emphasize massive space empires or large fleets. ACE just takes the story to one world and the struggle to survive against the odds. It’s a completely different approach that what is generally done.

MMOREVIEWS: This brings us to an important question, can you do a barrel roll in ACE?
A: Yes, actually you do barrel rolls to dodge missiles so they’re done quite often.

MMOREVIEWS: Could you speak us about ACE Online’s background?
A: It used to be called Space Cowboy Online a few years back, but has then since changed publishers and has had numerous additions and expansions since. It’s basically a whole new game! If you played Space Cowboy in the past and wondered where it went, it has become ACE Online.
MMOREVIEWS: Why this game is more fun than others?
A: The PvP in this game is really intense. Experiencing a large scale, high speed dogfight with hundreds of players is something many games do not offer. One moment you can be shooting down one plane only to have been ambushed from the side by another. It gives a different flying experience than many games out there.

MMOREVIEWS: Talk us about the future. What are your plans in 2010 and beyond?
A: There are many patches and updates coming in 2010. New content, new features, new areas are all in the pipeline right now to improve and expand on what is already there.

MMOREVIEWS: Thanks you for your time. It was a pleasure. Do you have something to add? It’s your moment.
A: ACE online is one of those games that just stand out as being different from the others, try it out and you may find something about it that you will enjoy.

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