Altis Gates: New closed beta server

Altis Gates, has just started its Closed Beta and the response has been beyond anything the Altis Gates team have predicted. Knowing the intense interest that players had in their new title had them expecting a large test group, but the actual response was nothing short of remarkable! To ensure that there are no problems with server overcrowding, the team has opened a second test server, Pacific, for the duration of the Closed Beta.

Altis has witnessed the rise and fall of 3 eras, the Golden Age, the Silver Age and the Bronze Age. Yet the flames of war continue to rage among the 3 races. For 300 years, the Borgs, Humans and Elves have fought for glory and supremacy of this land. The deafening battle cries will not cease until only one remains. Who will be left to rule the land, and will there be anything left to rule over?

As players venture through Altis Gates they will have a lot of ground to cover. While they cross through dangerous lands crawling with monsters, players may come across Shapeshifting cards that will alow them to transform into monsters and gain double experience for up to 10 minutes. There are 19 exciting maps to explore and a ton of interesting quests available during the CB. Every 10 levels players advance, they will open up new types of quests. For example, at Level 20, players can test their wits with the Buffoon Quests. At Level 30, they can use their acute business skills to earn riches with the CoC Quests. And at Level 40, players will be able to challenge the most formidable monsters in the game. The higher the level, the bigger the challenges!

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