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The chief developer of Altis Gates talks to us about the pet system.

"In most games featuring pets, these creatures act as a sort of sidekick, jumping in with friendly spells during battle and dutifully following you wherever you happen to be going. For me, this simple and effective style is boring, and ignores the enormous potential for player-pet interaction. Why not take these robotic creatures and give them a life of their own? This will make each pet more lifelike with a unique temperament and talents that they can learn to use as they grew in power, just like you! You can even talk with your pets, casually conversing as you venture into new lands together.

Casual conversations are not the only things Pets will be able to do in Altis Gates, they will also serve as advisors, giving advice in battle, from suggesting strategies to assisting with powerful foes you wouldn't otherwise be able to take out alone. Imagine facing a monster with high melee attack power and your pet suddenly suggests terrifying the monster to prevent it from attacking for several rounds. And after a tough battle, they may even bust out with a bad joke or two to lighten up the situation. This kind of interaction is something that was previously only available in team mode with other players, now you've got your own team that you can always count on to have your back.

Pets will even have their own wants and needs, just like any other person. You may suddenly be confronted with a hungry pet asking for a snack, or a sick pet that needs to see a doctor. How you react will have consequences on your relationship with the pet, just as they would with a friend in real life. Feel like ignoring the request for food or medical treatment because you have more important things to do? Your pet will sense that you don't care as much about it as you should and become distant, and possibly even resistant to fulfilling your requests for help or assistance in the next battle you face. Amity with your pet is a crucial aspect of your relationship, as it measures how close you are with your pet, and when it falls too low, your pet may run off seeking someone who cares more about them. If, however, you take the time to get to know your pet and help with what it needs, the Amity will grow and you'll find your pet's power will grow with it. When the level of Amity is high enough, pets can learn spells from your allies or tough bosses, and they will even be able to access hidden stunts and AP spells. 

I personally believe that making pets as fun and unique as other players you see in game will add a sense of realism that is often lacking in computer controlled entities, and add to the overall enjoyment of the game."

The Altis Gates development team has been working hard will keep doing so to continually make improvements to the game during the Alpha Test and beyond. Visit the official website of Altis Gates.


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