Altis Gates: First Wallpaper Contest

Open beta for Altis Gates, IGG’s mystical fantasy MMORPG, is fast approaching, but not before fans of the game have a chance to take advantage of a fun Valentine’s Day contest to earn Platinum for Open Beta. To celebrate the occasion, the Altis Gates team will be organizing “Vision of Love,” the game’s first wallpaper design competition. The Altis Gates team will judge the entries on February 26th EST (GMT-5) to select the winners.

Event Details
The event will run from February 9th to February 24th EST (GMT-5). During this period, players can download original artwork from the official Altis Gates website and use it to create their own unique romantic masterpieces. Players can then upload their creations to their blogs and submit links to the blog post to enter.

At the end of the event, the Altis Gates team will pick the 10 most outstanding works and reward their creators with in-game Platinum. For example, the Most Creative Design winner will earn a whopping 50 Platinum! Other winners will receive varying amounts of Platinum. They will be able to redeem these rewards from a designated NPC during OB. In addition, the most impressive wallpapers will be displayed on the official Altis Gates website for players to download.

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Visit the official website of Altis Gates.

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