Allods Online presents the Skrakan Cup

Allods Online is preparing for its first Goblin-O-Ball tournament, The Skrakan Cup, coming to the European servers on May 19th, 2010.

Are you a passionate soccer player? Do you like being watched by a huge audience while doing some ‘magic’ with a ball? Become a star and fight for the fame and glory of your team in the Skrakan Cup.

Just follow some easy steps and you will be a part of the biggest event so far, prepared by the Allods Online team. Simply register your team of eight players at the Guild Portal from May 7th-17th, 2010. A calendar will be provided, with all registered teams and matches, which will be posted on May 19th. All participants, from the lucky winners to the unlucky losers, will be generously rewarded with fantastic in-game and real prizes! Register today and use the remaining days to prepare for the Goblin-O-Ball tournament.

The referee will choose the best player of each match to honour as the ‘Brute of the Match’! Their avatar and name will be immortalised on the Allods Online forum, Facebook and Guild Portal. The event will be covered extensively throughout. Every Wednesday and Friday details of the winners and who will be playing next will be posted.

Check here all you need to know about Allods Online. And visit its official website.

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