Allods Online Patch 1.1.0: Revelations of Gipat

Gala-Net, Inc. announced today the upcoming release of the first Allods Online expansion - Patch 1.1.0: Revelations of Gipat.  This patch will include some major changes to the game mechanics, add in a number of very important bug fixes, enhance existing features, raise the level cap, and add in new zone with over a hundred and fifty new quests.


 Patch 1.1.0: Revelations of Gipat
The mysterious allod of Gipat has finally been rediscovered, and adventurers from both the League and the Empire are racing to uncover the secrets of this entirely new zone. Journey to a lost land filled with ghosts of the past, and delve into the history of the mysterious June civilization as well as the terrifying Astral demons.
Great changes have also arrived to the entirety of Sarnaut. Adventurers can now obtain their own mounts, many archetypes have been rebalanced, and a plethora of new quests are available from a group of scholars known as the Anthropologists.

Players from both factions will be able to complete a quest line at level 21, in order to obtain a trusty steed.  The NPC quest givers in Lightwood or the Bort Quarter will be able to direct players on their journey.  For those who cannot wait to ride through Sarnaut with increased speeds, the horse mounts will be available for purchase in the Item Shop. League players will be able to ride the proud Kanian Runner, a regal blonde draft horse, and Imperial players will get their very own Xadaganian Steed, an agile war horse.

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