Allods Online: New Horizons is now live

Gala Networks Europe has launched today the new update of Allods Online, named New Horizons. Following news about the mercenary system, The Path of the Great and the astral space-based Smugglers’ War, Allods Online: New Horizons will also be bringing eight new allods, a new ‘quick start’ client, player referral bonuses and more.

The new instanced allods includes an underwater world and another inspired by the WW2 battle for Stalingrad, each of the eight new allods feature their own lore and new bosses complete with new battle strategies and mechanics. In addition to the brand new instances, the Tropical Atoll ‘holiday destination’ has been improved for the last month of summer with more frequent events, new prizes and new costumes for all who visit it to play mini-games and bask in the tropical sun.

New Horizons also brings an extensive revamp of two of the most popular archetypes: the Paladin and the Psionicist. Additionally, the automove feature, which allows players to automatically navigate to certain locations without players steering their character, will now allow players to set any map node as a destination, including banks, merchants, teleporters and other important locations. Players will also be able to automatically take to their mounts while en-route, without having to open the interface’s stable menu.

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