Allods Online new expansion, Volume 5: Game of Gods has gone live on all English language servers

Gala Networks Europe and Gala-Net, have announced that Allods Online: Volume 5: Game of Gods, has gone live on all English language servers. The update brings a huge amount of new content including a new player archetype, a new PvP battleground system, a new raid and a new level cap.

Also launching with Volume 5 is full social media integration, allowing players to post in-game news of their adventures out to Facebook.

The Allods Online Volume 5: Game of Gods features in full:

- Level Cap increase to level 51: four new levels with three new zones providing solo, group and raid content, exploring deeper into storylines introduced in previous expansions.
- New Archetype: the Bard, four new classes provide support for their party and crippling crowd control and debuffs for groups of foes.
- Battlegrounds system: 12-a-side PvP with domination style mechanic, earn gold, exp, exclusive gear and more, available 20 times per day, from level 23 and above.
- New epic quest line to become a Great Mage and unlock the dual spec!
- New Raid: Dead City, 10 new raid encounters spread across three wings of this ancient and mysterious city.
- Social Media Integration: post to Facebook when you level up, complete World Mysteries, defeat a Raid and more.
- 4th layer of astral space: 15 new allods to explore and conquer, with all new landscapes, creatures and bosses to defeat.

All European players that need a winter break full of fun, sun and relaxation should join the 30 days Tropical Atoll event. Various activities like crab races, karaoke contest are waiting as well as special items for characters and their mounts like exclusive costumes, mount skins and much more.

To celebrate the launch of Allods Online Volume 5: Game of Gods, is running several events including a competition for players gunning to make the all-new Bard archetype a key character in their Allods Online account. The first player on each server to reach end game with a Bard will win fabulous prizes. The Pimp my Build event returns with today’s launch, offering everyone a chance to win more prizes by showing off their favourite character archetype builds following the Volume 5: Game of Gods update.

North America welcomes players to the new expansion with an ongoing log-in event that awards prizes for each day logged in through February 21 as well as a double EXP event that will last until February 28. Players have also been invited to welcome the new Bard class by showing off their own songwriting skills in exchange for prizes and the chance to have their song performed by a member of the Allods team.

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