Allods Online adds a subscription-based server

WEBZEN has started today a new business method for its popular free to play MMORPG, Allods Online. This new business method, the subscription, will allow you to play on subscription based servers without worrying about the shop and elements such as Runes, Patronage Rank 5, Elixirs or Strongbox bonuses as these among few other items and features will be removed from the game. You can customize your characters, ships or redistribute your avatar’s statistics and talents by using only in-game currency received from completing quests, defeating enemies and other activities.

allods pricing

In addition, players can reach before the maximum level in these new servers, because they'll be able to speed up their character progression thanks to 30% increased experience, doubled stats points per level. Due to the discrepancies of goods and game variables between payment methods, it is not possible to transfer any characters previously created on the existing server.

Source of information: Webzen press release.


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