Allods Online has announced the launch of its newest expansion Everlasting Battle

WEBZEN has announced the launch of Everlasting Battle, the new expansion to Allods Online that will debut on the first half of September, which is going to merge the Polish, English, German and French servers into one, creating a United European Community, which will create plenty of new opportunities for great PvP battles, and will it allow to know lots of new players. In addition all players can choose between having an item shop based model o play on a monthly subscription - based server, where you can purchase with gold, completing quests or defeating bosses all in-game items.

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The expansion will also bring a large number of changes and improvements to the game, like a new friends system, in which social connections will become even more important because it allow players to get various boosts to their abilities, share mounts and even astral ships. Everlasting battle also includes the new Dominion Raid activity, which is going to be available when a guild has more than four groups waiting for battles in the queue, and allow the to fight in big Astral Confrontations. Finally, Mage and Summoner classes have been completely revamped, with new talents and skills, so that they will become formidable enemies during the battles in the world of Sarnaut.

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Source of information: Webzen press release.

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