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Developed by Quest Online for Windows.


Alganon, previously called "Crusade", it is a subscriber-based, fantasy-based MMORPG that allows thousands of people to play together in a virtual world that features a rich history dominated by commanding deities, powerful weapons and armor, deadly magic, epic quests, ancient places to discover, the utilization of detailed tradeskills, and more.


The protectors of the lands, Humans are very versatile specialize in everything from melee combat to ranged and magical combat. With a rich history and deep ties to the Asharr, Humans are found all over the world, with Asheran being their home city.

While the humans are hated by many races throughout the world, namely the Gnolls, Ogran, and Hogsnouts, the true rivalry lies between the Humans and the Talrok, a race of which the Humans despise. Talrok feel the same about Humans, and when members of both races come into proximity, there is usually blood.

A dark and powerful race, the Talrok hold themselves to be the chosen of the gods, fortified with the duty of spreading the ways of their culture throughout the world. Often considered as the counterpart to Humans, the Talrok loathe what some would say are their distant relatives. Versatile in the ways of magic and combat, the Talrok are accepted among all classes of Kujix.

With history dating back to the creation of their capital city Xanjuix Karr, the Talrok are also responsible for the creation of the Kujix.


Soldiers are the prize warriors of Alganon. Specializing in Weaponry, Tactics and Defense, a soldier is capable of learning how to deal maximum damage and protect his companions. Soldiers are also capable of handling a wide variety of weapons.

Focusing on Strength and Endurance, soldiers utilize their anger during combat to maximize the impact of their special attacks. Soldiers are also capable of energizing their friends and weakening their opponents with a wide variety of battle calls. A strong party always consists of one or more Soldiers, trained and focused in one of the many branches of specializations.

Rangers are masters of ranged combat and field control. They are blessed with a natural empathy that allows them to not only read, but to control the emotions of others around them.  As children, these natural empaths are often overcome by the emotional energy of large crowds, and become runaways, seeking refuge in the far ranges of Alganon. Learning to survive in these harsh conditions provides these Rangers with a unique set of abilities and talents that make them powerful defenders of the Empire.

Healers are masters of life. In addition to keeping people alive with the most powerful methods of healing, Healers can dip into the state of Trance to enhance their healing abilities.

Not defenseless by any means, Healers use deadly Words of Power and Touches of Power to smite their enemies. Healers can also use a unique ability called Deathwalk, which turns them into the living dead, able to deliver a monumental amount of damage.

The energy-force known as Essence flows through all of the magical creatures of Alganon, including the Great Races. From time-to-time, a child is born with an overabundance of this world-changing power. These children are called Magi, and they must be trained to wield this power, or find themselves destroyed by it.

Masters of destruction, the Magus embraces the elements to smite their foes. Specializing in the areas of Flame, Frost and Storm, the Magus is greatly feared by all in the world of Alganon.


Each race has five different families, and each family represents a different "theme" that attracts gamers of a specific category. Instantly communicate with your new family, protect your siblings, and establish your family's name in the history books.

Players focused on building their character, collecting things

Players who focus on competition

Players who prefer to explore the game

Those who prefer social interaction foremost

Those who prefer to gather, build and sell items


The Library system is innovative; a grand repository of knowledge that can be accessed by any player to gain insight into the world - from within the game itself! These are just a few of the features that set ALGANON apart from other MMOGs. We encourage you to read the "Features" section to familiarize yourself with the others!


The Asharr
The sworn enemy of the Kujix, the Asharr have represented Order, Obedience, and Protection. Embracing the ways of light, nature, heart, and mind, they represent the most powerful warriors in the land that wish to take up arms against Chaos and Destruction.

The Asharr culture is very refined and sophisticated. They prefer lighter materials, bright emblems, and bright reflective surfaces. They prefer things that are clean and organized.

The Kujix
The Kujix represent Chaos, Assertion, and Conquering. They feel that power is obtained by conquest and conflict naturally determines the strong from the weak. The Kujix have a very dark culture; both in teachings and in representation. They utilize dark stone and crystals in their structures, and harness the power of subterranean sources such as volcanoes.


Alganon allows a player to grow their characters over time through a progressive time-based advancement method. Whether you are online or offline, selected skills will slowly advance. The more skills selected for active advancement, the slower they will advance overall. Studies act as a built-in reward for veterans of the game - rewarding players who have been a part of Alganon since launch.

- Allows players who cannot play every day to still advance their characters
- Allow characters to grow over time at the same rate as all other players
- Provides an underlying system allowing casual gamers to compete with hardcore gamers


Operating System. Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7
CPU. 2.4GHz
Hard Drive. 4GB
Video. nVidia 6xxx, ATI x800 minimum with latest drivers
DirectX. DirectX 9.0c
Internet. DSL, Cable, or other broadband connection

Website: Alganon

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2 Comentarios de Alganon

  1. Demen

    This game is awesome for a f2p game! First of all it has all the great things you’re used to. Second of all it has the studies system and the library system. One thing not mentioned above about the Library system is the ability to requisition items. Basically you requisition an item and another person can fulfill the request. This is great when you need something that another profession harvests or crafts!

  2. Ryukyu

    Alganon is absolutely number one F2P MMORPG game that besides high-end quality graphics also combines majority of the World of Warcraft features along with the superior and very addictive game play. Needless to say, it has many features that makes it even more superior than WoW. For example, built-in quest tracking system and centralized database in form of Library allows you to find pretty much anything that is related to the game, from quest information to finding materials for your crafting. Unlike other F2P MMOs Alganon is not holding you back on gaining experience and forcing you to buy items from their Item Mall. Instead it’s primary focus to make you enjoy the game from the beginning to the end with large variety of quests, dungeons/instances, some PVP battles, and of course killing World Bosses to get your epic items. In other words Alganon is a FIVE STAR (5/5) AND COMPLETE F2P MMORPG, where for only $20 (one-time payment) you get full version of the game with all of it’s features. STOP WASTING TIME ON HALF-BAKED CHINESE/KOREAN MMOs AND JOIN US AT ALGANON!!!

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