Alganon goes 100% free to play

The new Alganon Free-To-Play business model removes the final barrier of entry to this epic and fun fantasy based MMO game; starting on Friday August 13th 2010.

"In a pure F2P model, gamers have the opportunity to try different MMO games and to make informed spending decisions on those that they like and play frequently. Our robust Tribute Market micro-transaction system makes this possible and also provides an even playing field for all our gamers, regardless of how much money they spend. More importantly, gamers can play Alganon without having to spend a single penny in the Tribute Market. There is absolutely no nickel and diming going on; nor do you need to spend any money in order to progress normally.

In our 2010-11 dev road map, we have a number of exciting new features, content and improvements planned and underway. These include the much anticipated and requested PvP feature as well as new character models, classes, quests, instances, mounts, additional companions and a much improved server model. We are also laying the ground work for localization so that we can host the game in other territories and in targeted languages."

Check here all you need to know about Alganon. And visit its official website.

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