Albion Online: New Alpha Teaser Trailer

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Sandbox Interactive has released a new alpha test teaser trailer for their current cross-platform Sandbox MMO project, Albion Online, which demonstrates how changing your character's outfit impacts your whole way of playing the game.

Imagine a pleasant and peaceful day during which your hero is strolling, only wearing his cape, a sturdy loincloth and some boots. Nearby, however, 2 bad guys are slaying cute forest inhabitants such as squirrels and bunnies in heaps. Then, all 3 have a portentous encounter on a bridge. Your hero switches to his combat gear to quickly take down both evildoers with a single spell...

"Players will quickly need to learn that they cannot judge a player's capabilities solely by what they're wearing now," explained Yasmine, the Sanbox Interactive Community Manager. "Because equipment dictates what a player is capable of, assuming someone wearing simple farming gear is not a powerful player can be, as the video shows, quite a costly mistake!"

Source of information: Sandbox Interactive press release.

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