Albion Online Launches Officially

Sandbox Interactive's Albion Online goes officially live today. Those who own a starter pack can already start playing this new sandbox MMORPG. However, during the next two days players will be granted access gradually in order to control the server load during the launch phase.

Those with a Legendary Starter or Founder pack can start playing now. Players who own an Epic Starter or Founder pack can start tomorrow, July 18. And Starter or founder packs with veteran status will begin their adventure on Wednesday 19.

"We are very proud to officially launch Albion Online after this intense time. We want to thank our awesome community that remained loyal to us all this time and constantly provided us with feedback. Now, things will really get going, and we're excited to see how the world of Albion Online will develop and what kind of stories our players will write", says Stefan Wiezorek, CEO of Sandbox Interactive.

With no classes, characters are defined by the equipment. The game also feature an in-depth crafting system and an elaborate economic system.


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