Albion Online: Details on Classless System

Albion Online - news

Sandbox Interactive has just announced further details about the classless system featured in their free-to-play cross-platform MMO, Albion Online, which is supposed to enter beta testing later this year. They also released a trailer explaining the system’s functioning and the opportunity it offers for a flexile and completely customisable gaming experience.

While most MMOs force players to decide for a specific class when creating their character, the Albion Online developers were determined to renounce this classical class system to allow players to fully customise their experience.

Have a look at this video to get to know more about the wide gameplay variety and freedom the upcoming Sandbox MMO promises to offer as well as the series of spells and abilities you will be able to craft onto all items you are able to produce in the game.

Source of information: Sandbox Interactive press release.


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