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Sandbox Interactive has just revealed some details on the new Destiny Board feature for their cross-platform Sandbox game, Albion Online. Instead of traditionals levels, players will gain small bonuses and perks for performing actions based on what their character is learning.

"The Destiny Board was designed to give players some direction in a world in which there are no levels," explained David Salz, Technical Director at Sandbox Interactive."Though players are not relying on a traditional level-up system, they are still able to plan their own Destiny in the world of Albion, and become their own unique hero."


The Destiny Board allows players to decide for themselves how to develop their character and is divided into three major parts, the first of which consists of several quests and missions belonging to three branches: PvE, PvP and Casual. They grant small bonus stats as well as different vanity items upon their completion. Showing all available in-game items, the board's centre enables players to unlock the skills to wear or equip them as well as the ability to craft these items. The bottom part contains everything in realtion to the buildings in the game, allowing players to unlock new and more powerful buildings to craft.

Completing objectives and earning rewards in exchange, players are able to specialise their character and develop and support their individual style of play.

Source of information: Sandbox Interactive press release.


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