Aika Online presents a new expansion named Zereca’s Plot: Land of Wailing

Redbana has announced today that this August a new expansion called Zereca's Plot: Land of Wailing is going to arrive to Aika Online. The expansion will bring lots of new content and features; among the more interesting novelties we will find an increase in the maximum level that will allow players to reach level 90, which is going to allow players to acquire new skills and equipment, a new Disassembly System that will allow players to dismantle their old equipment to get materials, which can be used to create better gear.


The expansion also improves the Pran, who will receive the Property Change feature and substantial improvements in their skills, which allow players to customize them greatly. Zereca's Plot: Land of Wailing will also include a new zone called Land of Wailing, filled with monsters ranging from level 90 to 95. With it comes a new HELL MODE dungeon named Kynari Aviary where players can challenge a powerful boss named Seridunn.

Source of information: Redbana press release

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