Aika Online introduces the Aitan Arena

Aika Online has introduced a brand new player-versus-player system to Aika: the Aitan Arena, a PvP system where players in the same level bracket of a nation can engage in battle. Arena brackets are separated by level ranges. Users will be given additional compensation such as game gold, honor points, honor medals, Pellurite Ore and Rubicine Ore etc, by killing players of the opposite team.

The Aitan Arena unleashes teams of up to 100 vs. 100 against each other in a dodgeball-style fight to the finish, where fallen enemies drop treasures and the survivors can divvy up hefty rewards.  Matches for four different groups will be held twice a day in each of the five nations, providing plenty of opportunity for combatants to test their mettle.  There’s also no need to worry about imbalanced levels or coordination difficulties--the Aitan Arena makes mass PvP accessible to more Aika players than ever before through its level bracket system and convenient automatic queue. 


Minutes before a match begins, players are instantly transported to the Arena after responding to a pop-up window.  Once the curtains on either side of the medieval, stone-walled battle area disappear, the two randomly assembled teams charge each other in a struggle for survival thick with spells, swords, and gunpowder.  Every defeated opponent rewards the victor with honor points, medals, and items, as well as one fewer obstacle to the pile of gold reserved for the victors.  Each match ends once the losing team’s players are completely eliminated.  There are no second chances or revives, giving the Aitan Arena a pulse-pounding edge.   

Available to any citizen of Aika’s five warring nations from level 11 onward, the Aitan Arena offers players a fun, fast-paced event which will prove itself compelling to battle hardened warriors and PvP novices alike.

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