Aika Online has announced a new content update, Epic III: Descent

Aika Online has announced a new content update, Epic III: Descent, which will be released on June 14. Prepare for the trials ahead in the Aitan Training Grounds, hone your skills in the revamped Aitan Arena, and destroy the enemy with an increased level cap of 85.

The Caelium Cores have failed and Aika’s sky islands are falling toward the demon-infested lands below. Soon the five rival nations must find a way to fight off human foes and demon enemies at the same time.  Face down the toughest enemies using entirely new skills and win the latest, most powerful armor for each class from the new Vanguard Set, the first AA Rank PvP armor set with increased stats stronger than any other in game.

Warriors can hone their skills for the tough battles ahead in the newly opened Aitan Training Ground, which gives them a chance to train their PvP and monster-battling skills by dodging traps and destroying hordes of monsters. Aitan levels 1 through 70 who work together to conquer this daily event will receive bountiful experience and life-saving starter kits.

All players can sharpen their skills even further in the improved Aitan Arena. This hectic team vs team match up promises even more chances to compete daily. Confront comrades and rivals alike in a round of sudden death PvP among hundreds of participants to win new titles and even bigger rewards than before.

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