Aika has released the final chapter of its Epic II saga: Hestia

Aika has released the third and final chapter to its Epic II saga: Hestia. Two new level 80 raids await the best Aitan warriors seeking to take back a now corrupted land, full of formidable monsters and equally powerful items. The players can face these new obstacles and find impressive armor sets and light tokens guarded by the most vicious bosses yet. The two new raids are the holy cities of Aquados and Tyriantor.

Once serving as an ancient water system for the Aitan cities in the Hestia region, the Aquados catacombs are now home to the water dragon Reagor and the denizens he corrupted. 24 players must band together to destroy 6 new bosses and their minions in order to prevent their imminent invasion on Drago.

More valuable however is Tyriantor, a holy crypt for fallen warriors of old. The undead dragon Dariadra serves as master of this keep, reanimating once holy soldiers into servants for his evil plans. Aitan will have to form groups of 12 in their mission to purify these once sacred grounds and recover the lost artifacts and light tokens that await them.

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