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Snail Games has announced the upcoming release of Tempest of Strife, the 4th free expansion for the martial arts MMORPG Age of Wushu, which is known in Europe as Age of Wulin. The update will introduce a vibrant and compelling weather system, additional sects for players to side with and much more.

Thanks to the immersive weather, players will be able to experience misty drizzle, thunderstorms, blizzards and even eclipses which will also trigger mysterious events. The addition of 3 Emerging Sects, 3 Hidden Forces and the School Betrayal ability allows players to join another sect by betraying their original school, Excusion or Incognito. They will also be able to opt for becoming a self-styled vagrant, throwing off school restrictions and building up their own inner skills.

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Other new features include Equipment Inscription allowing players to inscribe their gear, this way personalising it with their own unique names, as well as Face-lifting Surgery which enables them to change their facial features by visiting a doctor.

Source of information: Snail Games press release.

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