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Age of Wushu - news

Snail Games has announced a new patch for Age of Wushu - known in Europe as Age of Wulin - that is scheduled for release in February. Under the title World of Contenders, the update will add to the game's PvP content.

The patch will included several new features such as the forth internal skill, treasure assassins and large-scale school lessons. The highlight among them will be, however, the Dragon and Tiger Tournament, a brand new duel taking place in a spectacular ring of arenas. Provided with hidden weapon skills, ancient manuals, Star Vortex, and Helianthus Codex to ensure a fair contest, duelists will fight one on one to be awarded with random school introductory novice manuals, Jianghu skills, pure Chi pills, Yanwu pills and cultivation acceleration when defeating the opponent.

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The introduction of the fourth internal skill will provide players with another edge in combat. They are able to step further through school leadership and start a new tier of growth. Similar to the other exceptional skills, this fourth can also be cultivated up to level 36 if belonging to the player's school, but will be restricted to level 30 when leraning an internal skill from other schools.

Moreover, practitioners of peerless skills should be aware of assassins aiming for their life. Before being able to continue their practice, they have to fend off a horde of assailants. Those will be generously rewarded, though, in case they are capable of slaying the cultivator.

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And finally, there will be large-scale school lessons held three times a day on a daily basis. Organised by Grandmasters and sifus, these lessons will allow aspiring Wushu masters to easily increase their cultivation points.

Source of information: Snail Games press release.

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