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Age of Civilization

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GAME TYPE: Free to play MMORTS
PLATFORMS: Web Browser


Age of Civilization is a free to play war based strategy game where players can choose from hundreds of different heroes that they command and do battle with rival cities in tactical warfare.

With a loose European history mixed with classic ancient battles and some mythology set in a mediaeval dark age this colourful and quirky 3-D browser-based MMO mixes action combat with a sophisticated Empire management system.


  • Build up your own Empire

  • Construct various buildings to unlock new features

  • Recruit new heroes

  • Raise up your own army

  • Delve into dangerous instances for rewards

  • Fight epic world bosses

  • Free to play


Set during the European dark age in 500AD the dark God Seth has been resurrected and the shadow stretched out across the continent requiring the need of heroic Lords to rise up, form their armies and go up against this ancient evil collecting Time Shards to defeat him for good.


The main aim of the game is to gather up resources, establish your own Empire by constructing buildings, forming up your own army and doing battle with advanced AI and other players to expand your borders, conquer new territory and create a force strong enough to battle the dark forces of Seth. Players must unlock a variety of different heroes, recruiting some famous faces into the fold and use different formations and strategy to challenge other players or factions.


Players must discover and recruit new heroes to join the Army whilst playing the game, each hero has their own character attributes that determine their chances of survival and their abilities in battle which are increased as the individual hero levels up. Heroes attributes consist of their overall hit points, attack rating, defences, chance to hit, dodge ability and their critical strike chances.

Players can find new heroes in taverns, where they can be recruited, from instances as loot drops or by unlocking a free hero at level 20 and using Card Debris to redeem a monthly free purple hero (for if a player lacks Card Debris they can redeem one with gold).

As well as the large choice of heroes your team can also be further customised by equipping your heroes with various armour and weapons to improve their abilities. Equipment and gear comes in four different qualities (lowest to highest) green, blue, purple and orange. Green and blue gear is available through instanced drops or purchased at the Smithy NPC, where is purple and orange gear can only be earned through synthesising the relevant materials.


As players progress through the game and gain higher levels they are able to construct and upgrade new buildings to improve the quality of their Empire and civilisation. Depending on the building it will have a different effect and open up new features such as the City Hall which allows players to increase the quantity of the four resources that they can gain using the “Levy” ability. The Smithy allows players to upgrade their combat power and buy and sell equipment, as the player levels up they unlock new features such as the refine function to forge new equipment and the synthesise feature to synthesise new equipment with materials.


Troops can be recruited and trained up in the Camp and come in three different forms:

Infantry - typical soldiers choosing a sword they have high hit points and a good level of defence and will follow infantry heroes

Cavalry - these mounted soldiers ride horses into battle is following a cavalry hero, they have a much higher movement speed for getting into battle quickly

Archer - following Archer heroes these long ranged combatants have an extremely high attack power and can be devastating with their bow and arrow


In Age of Civilisation there are five primary resources that players must work towards gathering in order to successfully run and expand their Empire. The four most common resources that many features require such as Constructing Buildings, Researching Technology, Enhancing Equipment, Recruiting Soldiers and more are Silver, Ore, Wood and Food. These resources can typically be earned from individual buildings associated with that resource or as rewards from quests and instances.

Players can also earn Coupons as an ultimate means to using Premium Gold currency, which they can use to purchase items in the game and acquire it through involvement in various in game quests and events.


Internet Browser


Website: Age of Civilization

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