Aeria Games reveals new details of Aura Kingdom’s background

Aeria Games has unveiled today new details of the background of its new free-to-play fantasy MMORPG Aura Kingdom.

Aura Kingdom fantasy MMORPG art RW2

The world of Azuria is comprised in three realms: Terra, home to mortal races; the heavenly Aura Kingdom and Pandemonium, the land of demons. Players players will begins their adventure in Terra, in the seaside town of Port Skandia, and then, they are going to make their way through Crescent Hill, Helonia Coast and the capital city of Navea.

Aura Kingdom fantasy MMORPG art RW5 Aura Kingdom fantasy MMORPG art RW1

The game begins with you character having a strange vision which will warn you about a future invasion of a horde of rampaging demons. Becoming an Envoy of Gaia you will be gifted with unique powers and abilities which will give you the chance to shape the future of the world.

Aura Kingdom fantasy MMORPG art RW3 Aura Kingdom fantasy MMORPG art RW4

Source of information: Aeria Games press release.

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