Advancement for Myth War 2 Veteran Players

Myth War II has grown a lot in these past 4 years, due mainly to our player’s support and passion. In response to player input, the official team is introducing the 3 rd Advancement which promises more fun and more surprises for advanced players.
To welcome back veteran players and help you conquer the 3rd Advancement, we’ve prepared some awesome gifts. Find the NPC Mall Promoter in the game and receive a gift package which includes 300 Silver Ingots, 1 Stone of Moon, 2 Dragon Bones and 5 Gold Boxes.
Players who keep fighting in the myth continent can also receive an additional gift pack! Just invite one of your fighting companions who hasn’t been active in over 2 months, and who’s achieved the 2nd Advancement. Once that person registers on the event page, you’ll get a bonus gift pack that includes 1 Stone of Moon, 2 Dragon Bones, 5 Gold Boxes and 2 Leather Gripesacks.

Check here all you need to know about Myth War 2. And visit its official website.

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