Ace Online: Episode 3.3 details

Ace Online unveils details of an  significant new update.

Infinity Field System
-Coming to ACE Online is the Infinity Field. It is a raid instance system where the players must build a team to take on a challenge that they select. With the release of the Episode 3.3 patch, we will be releasing the first area of the Infinity Field called the “Kreacian Holy Lands”. This region is a basically a battle of survival against the Kreacian Dragons. These dragons are of a whole new breed of boss monsters and are capable of things which the older bosses cannot do. Fighting here is difficult but it does have excellent payouts if you can weather the storm!

Infinity Field NPC Vendor
-Coming with the Infinity Field is its Vendor. Although it can be considered as part of the new Infinity Field System, it does have items that can be used outside the Infinity Field. To purchase these items you would have to collect Orbs inside the Infinity Field. The items this Vendor sells can only be purchased with these Orbs. The items range from healing items to special Infinity Field only items which can powerup your combat potential or even protect you from the hazards in the Infinity Field.

Full Formation Bonuses
-Flying in formation has never been more useful. Before, there were strategic reasons for flying in formation with little benefits. Even more, there were even less benefits in to which formation pattern to fly in. Now if you fly in a full formation you can receive special buffs when you fly in the various formations. It has to be a full team though or else you’re stuck on your own.

Tier 8 Slot Machine armors
-Four new sets of armors, the Venom Veil for the B-Gear, the Stiletto Binder for the I-Gear, the Sledge Guarder for the A-Gear, and the Scorpion Defender for the M-Gear these armors are blessed with the power of the stars. The Zodiac, Capricorn, grants this veil with additional Attack Power and a pierce system is included.

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