A new instance available in GodsWar Online

Check out the brand new instance now available in GodsWar Online. Wonderland is an instance worthy of Greece’s bravest warriors. Featuring an epic story, tricky new monsters, and 8 stages that demand a commitment to teamwork, Wonderland is a challenge for even the mightiest heroes of Sparta and Athens.



Epic Background Story
Zeus condemned Atlas, one of the powerful Titans, to stand at the western edge of the world and hold up the sky as punishment for an attack on Mount Olympus. Eventually he broke free and began wandering the land in search of something that could help him get revenge on Mount Olympus. Encountering evil magicians, they told him of powerful spirits trapped in limbo just waiting for someone to set them free. After releasing them, Atlas and his army of demon spirits traveled to a peaceful and ancient place known as Wonderland. There they constructed a towering citadel and enslaved the population. Now they are powerful enough to launch deadly attacks on Greece and Olympus. It is the duty of all Greek warriors to answer the call to defend their homelands from this terrifying evil and save the inhabitants of Wonderland.
Tricky Monsters
Keep your wits about you in Wonderland and be wary of even the tiniest creatures. While some large beasts may turn out to be no great threat, there are many small monsters that will test your skills. Threats abound literally everywhere in this once wondrous land, including monsters that spawn right next to you before charging and a spiky cyclone that shoots out of the earth, or even arrow towers that seem to be armed with all the arrows in the world.
Advance Stage by Stage
There are a total of 8 stages in the instance. You can obtain titles at different points on your journey through them, but once inside the instance, you must complete a stage to advance to the next. Each stage has a revival point where characters will automatically return after a failed attempt to overcome its obstacles.

Teamwork Wanted
Be forewarned that Wonderland is a place of magic and danger suitable for only the highest-level characters. It takes a great deal of cooperation for teams to overcome the many challenges spread throughout the instance. Whether you face a crazed turkey, a fire-breathing dragon, or some dull-looking local, you will find yourself back at the beginning of the stage if you don’t pay close attention to the task at hand.

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