A Mystical Land has been renamed Villagers & Heroes

After a year of the start of the open beta of A Mystical Land, the Developer Mad Otter and the Co-Publisher Neonga have decided to rename the game to Villagers & Heroes, which gives a much better idea of what the players can expect from the game. In addition to the name change, the game has added a lot of new features, like the gnomish augmentation workshops, new realms to explore like an island floating in the sky and a tropica island, new bosses, animal ranching and even more.

Moreover, a lot of new content is going to be released for the game in the next months while the game is running for a greenlight campaign on Steam to further expand the reach of “Villagers & Heroes” and attract more players, like Village VS Village with sandbox dungeons, expanded village customization, new realms, more cosmetic, village cosmetics, politics and improved combat.

Source of information: Neonga press release

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