9Dragons celebrates its second anniversary with an item pack giveaway

GamesCampus and OnNet USA are partnering with FREE MMORPG and MMOReviews to give away 4000 Item Packs (each pack has a value of $10) to celebrate the 2nd anniversary of 9 Dragons. The game immerses players in a martial arts world, where might makes right and only the most skilled survive to train another day.

The anniversary pack gives the following items:

  • 5x Anniversary Sweet Bread

  • 5x Experience Pill

  • 5x Hat Exchange Coupon

  • 1x 9Dragons Premium 1 day

Remember that we invite all our users to send us screenshots, videos, or whatever you want in relation with the promotion and we will publish it. You can send it Here.


  • Step 1. Follow us on Facebook: .

  • Step 2. Add your email in the field below the image of the promo and check your email account and follow the instructions.

  • Step 3. Register or log into the game HERE.

  • Step 4. Click the “Coupon” on the drop down menu, on 'My Account'.

  • Step 5. In the Coupon Number box, paste your coupon code listed above.

  • Step 6. Click “Use.”

  • Step 7. Choose the character you would like to give the package to.

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