4story’s second anniversary events

Upcoming July 7th is 2 year anniversary of 4Story. For last 2 years, Zemi Interactive has been chasing all MMO fans’ dreams and trying to those dreams come true continuously. This July, they are found to be planning to take a short break on bring new dungeons and new tales and distribute unique events and mini game for the reward of fans’ so-called blind love.

The Altair and the Vega event!
Period: PST 7th of July~ 21st of July (2weeks)
Details: Collect the event drops (beads, paper, and silk thread) from all fields in Iveria and you can craft special buff items. Moreover, you have an opportunity to craft other kingdom’s armors and weapons, even 38 items.

Rock, Scissors, Paper event!
Period: From 7th of July
Details: Rock, Scissors, Paper NPC will be applied in each village! Bet your game money and beat the event NPC to double your winnings! It’s not all~ you can aim for consecutive winnings to claim many fabulous premium items and even some cash points!

Transfer merit points event!
This is a secret event! You will be able to exchange your merit points to buy 4Story Premium points.

38 weapon giveaway event!
Period: From 7th of July to 6th of Aug.
For all of you who play 200 hours of 4Story and charge 200USD at premium shop of 4Story during the event period will be granted with one 38 performance level weapon of your choice.

Check here all you need to know about 4story. And visit its official website.

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