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RvR is called the blossom of free to play MMORPG 4story. RvR is a short form of Realm versus Realm and players from different nations participate in a battle or war against opponent nations and receive rewards according to the achievement. Then why RvR system drives 4Story users crazy? There are three systems in the game which make people get excited.
Firstly, there is “Territory War” system. Any individuals or guilds can participate in the massive war which breaks out in 12 territories 19:00 (PST) everyday and regardless of players’ level or class, they can join the war and fight for their kingdom. According to the result, the winning side kingdom achieves several merits and reward such as merit point, honor points and even certificates to claim prizes. Another RvR system in 4Story, “Sacred War” is ultimately related with the result of “Territory War”. Qualification to participate in “Sacred War” is quite strict, the guild which has earned the highest war points in 1 week period, earns the right to participate the 'Sacred War’. As for the scoring system, 10 points are given for successful conquest and 11 points for successful defense and the winner guild can possess own guild base house. Moreover, RvR system is broadly applied to several maps in the game. For example, there are many mutual areas at war. Players of opposite kingdoms sometimes need to clear quests in the same region. This forcefully make conflicts and hatred grow stronger toward one another. RvR of 4Story sure builds up the sense of belonging for users.

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