4story: Valentine’s event and screenshots

4Story, a popular free-to-play MMORPG developed and published by Zemi Interactive, announced today valentine event will be commenced Tuesday next week. The process of event goes like as the following. The ingredient of chocolate, Cacao will be dropped from all the monsters in Iveria. Collect Cacao and you can manufacture Almond Chocolate and White Chocolate through "Chocolate Craft Man".

The event items will get you special recover/buff effects! If you gift your chocolates to “Shy Lady” in the starting village, you can encourage her to confess to her love. If you complete the “1st Love Quest”, you can get 2 XP plus and Half Piece of Golden Ticket.The secret of Half Piece of Golden Ticket will be unveiled soon. We wish all MMO players have lovely Valentine Day with playing 4story. 4Story also has a free game cash event on going and introduced one step registration in its new welcoming page.

Also, 4Story reveals new screenshots featuring a territory war.



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