4Story newly dressed in camouflage

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4story popular free-to-play MMORPG developed and published by Zemi Interactive, revealed its newly designed intro footage to MMO lovers. It is expected the new update will be a turning point to visually and audibly inspire new visitors.
Combining beautiful artworks and epic scale warfare movie clip with a high definition, it is providing stunning visual effect and a quick registration spot to allow new visitors to make their way to the world of 4story in a trice. Showing tremendous game comments written by eminent individuals from outstanding webzines is also worthy of close attention encouraging users and giving them a confidence of the game.
A thousand hearings are not worth one seeing. Check it out with your own eyes and find how 4story disguises itself in an attractive way. You can check the official website of 4story here.


All you need to know to play 4story.

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